Ukrainian Kardashian in invisible panties, legs apart and forced the men to sweat: “we see all”


Model Alena Omovich posed in the open swimsuit

Ukrainian model, which is called the Patriotic copy Kim Kardashian posted in popular social networks candid shot where she advertises, in fact, cosmetics. This writes with reference to Instagram of Alena.

So on the new personal picture Omovich showed her perfect figure in a bikini virtually invisible. The lower part of the swimsuit definitely claims the designation of “invisible”, because the panties of the star network pictures are not visible – only silicone powersocke at the hips. In addition to Allen were the top of the swimsuit, Besigye curtain which barely covered the juicy parts of the body of the Ukrainian celebrities.

Alena looked piercingly at the camera holding the perfume. Bright makeup, stylish styling made her look even more seductive.

The fans love Frank manner Alena in the publication of her pictures, she never ceases to surprise, say the followers of the star.

Earlier we wrote that Alena Omovich published stories footage in which she appeared in bikini and pareo leopard. She was walking on the beach of the Dominican Republic, where he now rests with her boyfriend. The omovich showed itself from all angles, lit up a curvy shape, which the model is achieved with the help of plastic surgery.

As you know, Omovich 27 years. The girl admits, making a lot of plastic surgery and beauty shots. In modeling Alyona has been working since the age of 15, and Instagram started in 20 years. Now she has more than 1.1 million subscribers.

Recall that humid Alain Omovich without underwear naughty near water: Drools by such beauty.

And Politeka wrote that Omovich one had a photo session for adults on the beach: “Oh, and size!”.

Also Politeka reported that the Omovich pulled the strap of her dress and paraded his main pride: the hottest types.