who suffered a rare disease girl enjoying life


In his blog “Lady with bag” Alexandra Kudelina talks about her life – girl with a colostomy bag. A year ago Sasha from St. Petersburg, has removed the large intestine and brought to the surface of the body the stoma (hole), but she’s not embarrassed of herself – photographed in a bikini and has sex.

“This is the bottom, even the bottom!”

For this courage alone 25-year-old Sasha hate, others – especially people who went through this experience and who have no part of the intestines – respect. Haters write that the blog is “ladies” is a complete bottom, because it raises taboo subject selections associated with the bowels, they say, this is not necessary to speak and write.

“This is the bottom, even the bottom! Can feel full, with flaws, but not flaunting them. And here is pure hype!” writes one of her haters.

Sasha is not offended – she’s immune to such statements – and keeps his job. She believes that her blog to the right people with the same disease as her about it is very little information on the Internet, and the sick – a lot.

Was tied to the toilet

Ulcerative colitis Sasha got sick in 20 years. The disease is not hereditary, and autoimmune. Cause may be stress and a large burden: Sasha studied and worked as a night administrator at the hotel.

– I had a stool with blood several times a day, constant blood loss, – Sasha remembers. Fell hemoglobin was constant fatigue and drowsiness.

The quality of life of a young girl has fallen sharply, it was tied to the toilet. Patients with ulcerative colitis because of painful spasms in the gut need time to reach to the coveted room. The girl is not always been successful, lately, she often soiled pants. One thing – if it happens when a person at home, another when he is in a public place.

– All my friends knew that I can become suddenly ill, – tells Sasha.

The girl tried all medications but nothing helped, and when she has run out of power, decided on surgery to remove the large intestine of the affected areas and the withdrawal of the stoma.

– I was not afraid, on the contrary, she wanted to have me operated on. So it was hard to live, she says.

Sasha tried to learn as much as possible about life with a colostomy bag, but it turns out information is not so much the theme because of their special nature closed. Then she came up with the idea to create after surgery blog, friends urged on: “Become popular”. In February 2019, she had surgery, and in March appeared the first entry in the account of instagram.

There are lots of pictures of Sasha, in which she is in a bikini or in a very open clothes and where you can see well her “bag” – a colostomy bag. The girl has a great figure, she is only 25 years – why not take such photos? It’s like her and motivates other patients, but someone doesn’t like it.

Life with “the bag” was more comfortable existence with the affected intestine. No pains and constant runs to the toilet. Everything you need in a timely manner to empty the package 5-6 times a day. It is completely sealed. No smell no. Sasha wears it constantly, even to clean him in the shower. True, we have to take care of your body from the stoma are acrid discharge, which fall on the skin under the pack, and it is necessary to process special means.

If earlier the girls were restrictions on food, now she can be everything. Even fast food and Coca-Cola. And the mushrooms, fruits and vegetables should be very thoroughly chewed.

The “ladies” has a young man, whom she had met before the operation. According to Sasha, many people with stoma ashamed of my body and having sex in a t-shirt.

But he said: “No shirts!” she says. – I wore it for the first time only after the operation.

Sasha lucky with a partner. Still, not everyone is willing to accept a girl with that disease. Sasha’s got no judgment. She is confident and believes that you deserve to be happy. Lately, she travels a lot, every six months visits some interesting country. Now, with the “bag” she can afford it.