You WOE it violates Apple’s policy


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Apple to block in the facial recognition of the App’s You REALLY. The Start-Up, it is a violation of the Software, the program for the development of the iPhone in this group.

Apple locks down the App for the iPhone, the american company that You REALLY. Compared to TechCrunch, the manufacturer Cupertiono has suggested that the controversial company is in violation of the terms of the program for the development of the Smartphone giants.
You there is a long week in the public discourse after it became known that the company was not asked about picking up of open access to data and their use in the Search. The iOS App has now been discovered in the Amazon S3 storage. Once you’ve downloaded the App yet, the company had to accept the certificate for the internal purposes of development, and the program is ready to use.

It can also be used by the Public, will be at the Apple with those internal to the company, the certificates, and it has blocked the application of the agreement. The CEO of the Start-up of Hoan Ton-That, one the one hand, in order to stay with the Apple touch in the future, the use of the comply with all the conditions.

The incident is not an isolated case

The incident is the latest in a string of many of the events of the past couple of weeks. In addition to this, the Android Version of the You were found by the expert in storage of Amazon S3 or Amazon glacier. The biometric Software for facial recognition, allows users to photos in a database of three billion images for a match.

Agree with You the AI you want to do with it, the only authorities for the purposes of the application of the law. How to report the news, buzzfeed has shown, however, this is not the case at all. In addition, the Service has been used by schools and companies, such as Walmart, Eventbrite, or at the Wells Fargo. International customers will have access to the Service.