A weapon of fire, “Valorant” LoL developer Riot is coming up in the summer


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A weapon of fire, “Valorant” LoL developer Riot is coming up in the summer

With the summer season, is a First-Person-Shooter “Valorant” do you want to League of Legends ‘ developer, Riot Games, for making some of the greatest names in the genre such as Counter-Strike, and Overwatch the competition. The Project is A” well-known free to play game for the PC, announced at the Meeting on the following Monday.

The first video of the Gameplay: in The beginning of the game, it is similar to the one in CS:GO. Two Teams of five players will compete as an attacker or as a defender against each other and try to make the most out of a total of 24 rounds. The Teams take turns on offense and defense.

Also, Valorant it takes for the pumps, it is possible to find Counter-Strike: The attacker takes the place of the so-called “Peak” to win the game. In addition to this, the weapon must be completely over the round, earned money, bought it.

All of the characters in the game, the so-called agents, to bring about their own abilities. Thus, the type must be extended, – stated in the message. Valorant is based on a newly-created world of the game, and it’s the first game from Riot Games, you don’t have anything to do with League of Legends.