AirPods an Alternative for 69 euros: this is the Amazon offer?


Wireless In-Ear headphones are all the rage – and no one embodies the Trend as far as the AirPods. Disadvantage: The Apple earphones are very expensive. You want to save, you can pick up a cheap AirPods Instead. has Amazon headphones, Bluetooth for connecting to the wall outlet. The SAME is determined, and if the offer is really worth it.

At first laughed at, after that you envy: How Apple, in the fall of 2017, presented to the AirPods for the company’s north american bite can be ridiculous as well. As a “tooth brush attachment on the ear,” they were the In-Ear headphones has condemned. Three years later, the tide has turned, however, and Apple will dominate the market for wireless headphones Bluetooth. With prices at up to 279 euros for the new Version of AirPods headphones from Apple, but it’s nothing that’s a deal. It is also the least expensive, it becomes an anchor.

AirPods-Alternative-In-the-Ear headphones from the anchor at a reduced price

On Amazon, the manufacturer is Chinese, and it is 30 Euro more expensive than the usual. The low price is part of a special deal promotion on Amazon, where there are many anchor products-up to 45% off! For 08.03.2020 the sound of it the core of Freedom of 2 at a discounted price.

Image: Amazon/Anchor.

Technically, the sound is the core of Freedom of 2 the supply, in accordance with the manufacturer “diamond-coated-driver-audio” in order to ensure a crystal-clear Sound and strong Bass. There are also four built-in microphones for phone Calls, Bluetooth support (5), and the aptX technology, as well as the HearID. Thus, it should be about the optionally available on the App can scan the audience, and the music preferences of the user, and the Sound of the plant, have to cope with it. The praiseworthy: in The case of the load of the AirPods an Alternative that is charged via USB, therefore it is at this kind of price, everything else is a matter of course.

Armature headphones: praise of the sound, and the price-to-performance ratio

Currently on 330 customer reviews of the sound of the core of the Freedom 2 has received an excellent rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars. Time and time again by, among other things, the sound and the price-to-performance ratio, it is praised for the comfort he criticized, however, for some of the time, or is the sound quality when making phone Calls.

Note: in the image above, the model is compared with the AirPods For.

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