Android 11 that warns the driver when the load requests a New Feature that is proved to be


Useful information for QI chargers

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The upcoming Android-11 operating system offers a new, useful feature. Are you using a QI charger into your phone to charge it, you will be notified in the future, if there are any problems with the upload. We are going to explain the new feature.

Android 11 are part of a practice of the QI Feature.

Android 11 are part of a practice of the QI Feature.

The next Android operating system 11 has many new features, such as better data protection and faster Updates. A hitherto unknown Feature, has now been discovered for a user of Reddit, such as a web site 9to5Google reported. As soon as the Android and 11 should output a warning if a mobile telephone, a charger that is QI-enabled, but you will not be charged. The user is prompted, apparently, that the Smartphone in order to re-align so that the battery can be charged.

9to5Google was able to reproduce the warning message, is this an XL-only got the Google Pixel is 4, then the tested Pixel is 3 and has sent a message. As a new Feature, it works exactly is currently unknown. Can Android the 11, detects a minimum current flow, and determines that the device is a QI charging Mat. For the owner of a cell phone, it will charge your phone via QI, this is probably the function you are sure to be useful. It is the Feature, but it is not the final Version, and that your mobile phones are supported, it remains to be seen.


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