– Android shock with the innovation, you have to get used to it now

Those Update decide to go for an Android, you’re probably more likely to be satisfied with your decision. At least one of the next update, promise and disappointment.

Updates To The Android often enough, the new functions and Features that are expected from the users, the different. This may change in the event of the Release of the latest Version of Google’s operating system, at least in part. After all, you to Android-10 Android 11 as alternate, you should perhaps think again. At least one new feature to note is the initial reaction is that it is a very unpleasant experience. The Update to Android excited to now have at least a little less.

Android update for Android 11: And For this reason, it can be problematic

For users of Google’s operating system, one thing is important: after an Update of Android, starting with Version 10, new the Android 11, it should remain in the usability of the recognizable, and is at least approximately equal. This is exactly where it’s supposed to be missing in the next Release, though.

At least as far as the music control on Android and 11. This is XDA Developers, and has been found to be directly in the quick settings, the user, by Sliding your finger from the top of the navigation bar to the bottom to open it.

As for the new satellite by Android, the 10, the music control is located just below the quick settings) and at first glance, not much has changed, displaying the first Feedback in the Android Update, the Android 11, it may call for a little bit of Anger towards. Comments on Android Authority, as “Ridiculous,” or “I hate this” Change “is less clear-cut, even if they are related above all to the point of view of “Change”.

It’s still too early for the end of Android for 11

The Update for the Android version to the the full 11, Android is not yet available, but there is at least a Beta Version of the Android 11, you can use it. In comparison, the Android To 10 11 To Android, but it’s also missing some of the Apps does not mean more work, so may as well. Maybe it provides a the operating system is the next Update for Android, but it. Google could be working on the game.

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