At the time of the Google Huawei Search App for Android tests


Huawei wants to build its own Mobile phone Service, a third major Ecosystem alongside Apple and Google. What is missing from the Smartphone manufacturer to date, is a Search Application that works with a Google search. That could soon change, however, as a Beta-Test users in the united States of america.

As a result of US-imposed restrictions on the use of American technology on the devices that Huawei wants to isolate himself from the company of Google. The services are most developed, even if it’s a partnership with Google to one day be fully restored. This is going to be offered on the new Smartphones, Huawei’s Mobile Services instead of Google Mobile Services, the AppGallery its own app Store.

Huawei-versed in this process, however, it is not just down to the fact that the third-party providers to fill in the AppGallery application, but it does give a number of the Applications that are available or installed in them from the factory on the device. With a Cloud App, Browser, Wizard, Documents, music, Video, and the Topics included, for example.

Huawei to recruit beta testers

A separate Search App, it was missing from Huawei to date. How to XDA Developers that reported, it is a relevant application that is currently in the beta stage. Huawei recruiting is currently all the users are from the united States of america, to test a new Application, such as Reddit, which is enjoyed by the users of the site.

Huawei’s Search to replace the Google search, which gives you access to the Google Wizard, Google Lens, Google news and other Google products. The Application of the Research on the Raising the lower level of the case at the moment, but one that is rich, according to the website, and allows you to Search websites, Videos, images, and news. For locally installed Applications, you can also look for, also, the way the dark of the EMUI 10 is supported at this time. The time is also available by clicking on the data-Huafeng-AccuWeather is the tour for you. This is the result of a Joint Venture agreement between AccuWeather and the national weather service of China. Huawei Search also provides you with the links to the sport, conversions, and a calculator.

The services that run on the Irish Limited

It is not known today how the search results originate from. The results have been XDA Developers not according to the Google, Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Yandex, Ask, and AOL compatible. The provider of the service, to the Application of Research in Ireland on the Huawei-powered eye Glasses, and Limited to the terms and conditions of use, in accordance with the. The research has been, until Recently, on the Web, in the meantime had been taken on due to the Raising of non-targets-if the disclosure is for the Beta over on Social Media and off-line.