Beauty Queen posted a photo in bikini and trolls here


Ex-beauty Queen and the winner of “Miss universe Australia 2017” posted for fans of a photo in a swimsuit, but her shape did not produce the desired impression, the trolls were there. She received a lot of unflattering comments, but she found something to say in response.

A former winner of the contest “Miss universe Australia 2017” — Olivia Molly Rogers was speechless, as she admitted to herself, after her photo in a bikini became the target of cruel trolling in social networks.

Olivia Rogers

Olivia went on vacation to Washington, where she spent time lounging on the beach in a minimalist outfit, says the publication On January 18, the girl shared the photo on his instagram, followed by more than 140 thousand subscribers.

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But the fans, judging by the following storis recognized beauty, the order messed up her mood. The girl admitted that she pissed off the answer to one of the commentators, which, apparently, was not too impressed with the options Olivia.

“You’re too fat for instagram. You should remove the photo from her awkward,” wrote the Troll, and she Rogers said that doesn’t even know how to respond to such a claim.

Miss World posted a photo in bikini, and the fans squeak, but not from admiration. And her reaction - a reproach to all tetramera

The period of silence did not last long, and soon Olivia still picked up the words to blame all tetrameres and explain how dangerous such comments.

The people who write such things are the reason that young girls have problems with their weight and body. They are the reason that I had an eating disorder for 6+ years. I wear 8 size, and if they call me fat, imagine a woman 10, 12, 14, 16, 18-sizes and comments they receive. It’s horrible and disgusting. Now I can’t even explain how I feel.

Miss World posted a photo in bikini, and the fans squeak, but not from admiration. And her reaction - a reproach to all tetramera

Interceded for the girl numerous army of fans, which came in the comments to support Olivia.

Inspired by the support of fans, Olivia decided to share with them a video where all angles showcases your figure in the same ill-fated piece swimsuit.

After a nasty little Troll said some terrible things about my body, literally hundreds of you wrote me the most kind, the most beautiful words. I am so grateful to everyone. This is the best reminder that one disgusting person have so many amazing people. I am very grateful for the support. Go to hell haters!!! ????

It is easy to understand why upset Olivia, but celebrities often get tons Haight in the most unexpected situations. So spectacular a wrestler was not allowed on the flight because of her appearance — and she complained about the airline on social media. But an act of retaliation failed because the subscribers only laugh at Celebi.

In a difficult situation it is important to choose the right way to revenge, and an example you can take the painter from Derbyshire. In vain the employer decided to detain him a salary, because the artist had a very serious weapon.