Camila Cabello turns 23 by uploading a nude photo


The image delights the almost 50 million followers of the singer in the social network

Happy Birthday, Camila Cabello! The successful singer turns twenty-three on Tuesday and is surrounded by successes, both professionally and personally. Camila has managed to win over the public from the moment one, since that casting, she did for The X Factor in 2012 that led her to be part of the Fifth Harmony group and jump to international fame. And undoubtedly, separating from the aforementioned group was the best decision she could make for her professional career.

It was at that time in early 2017 when her career finally took off. With ‘Crying in the club’ and ‘Hey Ma’, a collaboration with Pitbull and J Balvin, Camila laid the foundations for her solo career and from that moment on she did nothing but climb and climb the charts. But, without a doubt, it was ‘Havana’ the song that finished catapulting Camila to the top. Since then she has not stopped in a single moment and has made great collaborations, such as ‘My favorite person’ with Alejandro Sanz or ‘Miss’, with Shawn Mendes.

In fact, it was this last collaboration that has brought the most changes to the young woman’s life. The sparks jumped from the moment one between her and Shawn and, in the middle of the summer, they finished confirming their relationship with a sensual and intense performance in the MTV VMA. Since then, the couple enjoys an idyllic love that raises sighs and passions wherever it happens.

Your most special photo

To start celebrating her twenty-third birthday, Camila has decided to publish a photograph on her social networks under the description: ” I will turn 23 in a few hours, so I will publish my first nude on the Internet”, a very tender and adorable nude that shows The singer when she was a baby. A funny photo that appears just out of the tub and half-naked, just covered with a blue towel.

At the moment the snapshot has been bombarded with thousands of comments loaded with love, many of them wishing you a happy birthday. Stresses among all the messages of Alejandro Sanz, who maintains a great friendship with Camila: “Happy birthday, my talented and kind and humble little sister … And yes, you are beautiful,” were her words, accompanied by emojis of Hearts and laughs. We are eager to know how the young woman spends her birthday, but we are even more eager to know what Shawn Mendes has prepared for her!