Company shamed the girl for a photo in a bikini. They waited for the fiasco


Texan signed up for instagram, the company where I wanted to get a job, but it was a nasty surprise. Representatives of the firm proved to be very scrupulous in respect to the images that candidates post on social networks. So much and decided to publicly shame the girl for alleged non-professional photos in a bikini (and of this, of course, not gone).

24-year-old Emily Clough from Austin in Texas have attempted to apply for the position of marketing coordinator at a consulting company Kickass Masterminds helping business. As an American woman told Barstool Sports, it is also attracted by the fact that all the founders of the organization are women and the firm, according to information about it, support of other entrepreneurs.

Summary Emily employers liked, so the girl soon received a letter stating that she passed the first stage. The message Clow advised to sign up for instagram the company to gain an edge over other candidates. The American did. But the fact that the organization has published stories, she’s seen did not expect.

It turned out that even before the Texan started to read the page, the stories came a picture of her in a swimsuit (she sent the firm their contacts in social networks). And no, not because the company has assessed the. On the contrary, the representatives of the organization, judging by their comments, considered the indecent scenes. Are you ready to witness the apogee of vulgarity and debauchery that will make decent people hysterical?

Yes, the company really found Amateur photo Clow in a swimsuit, which looks the lower part of her chest (despite the fact that the very bikini too explicit to name language does not turn). That looked like stories of the organization.

Public ad (because I know some of you job seekers will see it): don’t share with a potential employer with their social networks if they have similar content. I’m looking for a professional marketer, not a model for showing bikini. Do your worst and do what you want in a closed account. But it’s not doing you a favor when you are looking for professional work.

Amazed Emily sent us an e-mail which politely asked to remove the stories. But apparently, there was no response, so she contacted the owner of the page in instagram directly. Clough has declared that is disappointed in their deed, because it is difficult to understand how the fact that she wears a bikini and loves her body, makes her unprofessional employee. She also reminded about his message, but judging by the reaction of the administrator to fulfill her request no hurry.

— As you will see in the letter that I sent to [email protected] I have attached my resume, cover letter, and politely asked you to remove stories.
— Good for you.
— Delete stories.

To get rid of the company as a result of stories, Emily said. But such an attitude to the applicants so offended her that Clough decided to talk about the incident via Twitter.

The post the Americans became very viral — it was like about two thousand people. But unfortunately for Kickass Masterminds publishing posted the owner of the account SheRatesDogs, which has more than 300 thousand subscribers in social networks. There the story about the situation with Clough has collected more than 40 thousand “hearts”. And people were surprised by the move.

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Outraged Twitter users came to comments Kickass Masterminds on instagram, where he started to criticize the company.

— You screwed.
— Your view of the world is disgusting.
Ugh, shaming women does not create your company a positive image.
— Twitter are you now satisfied, you’re in trouble.
— Your brilliant ideas — that’s what you’re afraid of women showing their bodies?

Someone even wrote the firm a personal message, criticizing the stories with pictures of Emily, and then show screenshots under the post SheRatesDogs. But soon the people were deprived of this pleasure, because the company went back on their word. However, instead of having to apologize to the girl and explain the situation, organization delete the account Twittermade a private blog on instagram and even shut down access to your site. In addition, the page Kickass Masterminds Facebook has also been removed. However, it is possible that this had a hand defenders Clough, because they wrote in riplah that sent a complaint on the profiles of the company in social networks.

And Emily, it seems, may soon find a job. Influencer from USA NYdoorman saw a post about Clough and promised to help the girl.

If the girl in question will see it — write me in PM. I have many friends who will not judge you for a bikini if you try to get to them. Would be happy to help you.

A similar story happened in Russia in March, when a teacher from Barnaul lost his job because of a bikini and short dress. Her staff is also difficult to be called a vulgar or vulgar, but my parents had a different opinion.

A teacher from the United States and is landed in jail after helping a student. The boy was ill, and the act of the teacher evoked the admiration of the people, but the problem is that the woman broke the law.