Consoles: Netflix wants to bring to AV1 on the PS4


After the important preliminary work to be done, it will Sign extend into the future, with the support of the free video codec, AV1, and then on to the consoles. The Android Player in the infrastructure at Netflix, responsible, Jeff Watts, of the Alliance for Open Media (Aomedia says. The Playstation 4 from Sony, it will be, probably one of the first-AV1-enabled console, the streaming service Netflix.

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Just a couple of weeks ago, the provider of streaming media, announced that the AV1-the video codec on your Android device. The versions by Watts, this meant that the Series was able to expand its infra-structure for the Encoding and delivery of Videos for the use of the AV1. This is now, apparently, on the Basis of a new platform.

Up until now, Netflix has AV1 on the Android App, it is only under certain conditions, with a smaller resolution, in order to reduce mobile data use, and the customer to activate it. Watts repeated, but with the Ambition of the Series, and the new AV1 to use the Codec in the future for HD, UHD aliasing in 4K and HDR content.

The first Version of the PS4 that supports your Hardware Decoder, up to now, only the H. 264 alias on AVC Level 4.2, which means that a maximum of Full HD. For the latest in PS4, Pro, it also supports UHD content, but it’s only with H. 264 Level 5.2. For the very latest Codec, AV1 should be to provide a comparison at the same bit rate, the better quality of the video.

For the Decoding of the Sign depends on the the PS4 is likely to Dav1d, which is maintained by the Videolan project. With an eight-core x86-based, and vector units, and the PS4 should be able to view the content in 4K, with the usual 24-frames-per-second with ease.

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