Coronavirus: The Google I/o in danger


I have abberaumt due to the pools for the event Cloud to the Next, and in the San Francisco bay area. As a substitute, there will be no streaming video. The Microsoft MVP Summit, which was supposed to have taken place close to Seattle, it’s nämliches. Both of these conferences have been scheduled to take place in April. The most prominent events of the two groups in the I/o, and the Building shake.

By the end of 2019 at the latest, a new disease of auszubereiten by a novel Coronavirus fire COVID-19 began in China. Quarantine measures to contain the Virus that can lead to the loss of the production of the cases, and have stronger consequences for the economy. A number of major events were cancelled because of it.

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The Google I/O by 2020 it is expected to take place in mid-may, the Mountain View, Calif., at Microsoft Build, a few days later, in Seattle, washington. In the meantime, the characters get in to Cancel it, even if there is not yet an official position. The time for decision making is short-circuited. Facebook have deleted it in the beginning of may, and planned a conference for developers of F8, now.

For corporations, it’s a matter of, in particular, to an Image. Who wants to be accused of by a volunteer from the meeting of the people, for the propagation of the Reservoirs and risk is encouraged? Probability and statistics is the fact that in Non-infected participants, and then, perhaps in another place, to do as little to the point.

Twitter has decided, however, it is not at this year’s South by Southwest (SXSW) in Austin, Texas, to participate in it. In addition, the company is no longer called the labour force in the world, to come to the office. The p. a. t. the employee will be working from home and video-conferencing use. In Hong Kong, Japan, korea, and South Korea, Twitter has closed down its offices in all of them.