Dirty-Phone: How your phone against viruses and bacteria are flushed out


Is the Coronavirus the epidemic has reached Germany. Those of you who haven’t done any hoarding, or with a gas mask in Public appearance, he was able to stand against the fear mongering, I’m afraid. But there are actually useful tips about how to protect themselves from infection, or the spread could be contained. While the WHO has published a set of recommendations for the protection against the Virus, and that any false information on the net, has warned all the officials agree that the use of cell phones, so viruses and bacteria are in the slide. In the last few days the subject came up again and again in social media. Smartphone owners can use aggressive cleaners to get rid of the telephone from germs. However, caution is required. With these cleaners, your smart phone can clean it without damaging it.


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Cleaning for your Smartphone / © AndroidPIT

Your Smartphone is always at the Beginning: In the car on the way to and from work, in the Restaurant or in the bathroom to help pass the time during the transaction. With our own hands, we can hold it all: supermarket, subway, or in public restrooms. Wash your hands after, it’s important, but what we often forget: The Smartphone will collect the agreed upon all of the germs and bacteria where our hands come into daily contact. The virus, the flu, diarrhea, bacteria, and pathogens: A-list-of-nasty-Smartphone-residents is a long one.

With these products, you you you you you should not use it

There are a number of bizarre methods of cleaning for the device that you need to pay attention to in any case. So, I have found, for example, in one Forum, a user of the Internet, it is recommended to use the Coca-Cola company, because it had proven to be a popular drink for the Cleaning of the Silverware. Seriously, there is a liquid that you can use to clean the metal, but it’s not particularly conducive to the display screen. In addition to this, the majority of the Smartphones now are water-proof. But many Smartphones are not capable of holding liquids such as beverages or other solutions. Lint-free cleaning you are here: Lysol or Clorox wipes can be used on the back of the device, but its effectiveness ends there. The use of bleach, vinegar (for cleaning in the home, you can avoid, in all cases, it is very popular because it is organic), methylated, or still more stringent sanitation. These products may cause damage to the screen, because they attack the fat-repellent coating (often by the manufacturers of the fingerprint are used).

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We do not recommend the cleaning of the boxes of the silicone paste to the tooth – © AndroidPIT /

The whole world knows about the glasses-cleaning cloths that you can buy in the supermarket. Would you like to be used for any other purpose, and for Tablets, smart phones, or Laptop computers-cleaning of the screens. But for the seeds, the small cloth can not do nothing about it. The other users of the Internet, we recommend that you use the can of compressed air. In the case of this unusual type of “clean-up” it is necessary, however, to be very careful, because the pressure can cause damage to the air from the built – in speaker and micro-components.

We have a room with two misunderstandings that are circulating in the network in the First place, the idea is that you should only have to clean the screen. This is totally wrong, because on the back of a smartphone is it should not be dirty or damaged? Then, on the view that the Smartphone should be rinsed under water. In addition to this, this theory is not only wrong, but also dangerous, because some of the water so that the water can penetrate into the water-resistant device.

The Cheap Cleaning Kits

There are a many products, which you can use to clean your smart phone. There is no miracle cure, but certain products may be better suited to your use of the model to the other.

This Kit comes with instructions that will help you see dust and dirt in the corners and angles of the Eures, the phone is the best. It even includes chopsticks, a static steel wool, and cotton.

This is a package of 60 diapers can also be used as a Supplement to the above-mentioned Kit. Each and every one of the cleanse is to the right of the fingerprint that is effective against both the finger and the protective layer is not attacked.

A step-by-step guide to cleaning your Smartphone

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Classic cleaning kit / © AndroidPIT for a Short duration

The Ultra-Violet Disinfection

In the above-mentioned methods do not kill all the bacteria and germs, as the case may be, sadly, but it cleared just at a superficial level. It works with the following products: * * the risk of the spread of the Coronavirus that has caused the citizens to do with masks, anti-bacterial, Cream, sanitizers, and more to outfit. Cleaning products for smart phones are relatively inexpensive in comparison to the certification of the skins (the bit) on the quality of the service. This year, a new paper appeared, it might be suitable for those who are looking for a place for the cleaning of the smartphone for the money on the table. This is a uv cleaner that will not damage the screen, but the Smartphone, all of the germs and bacteria to break free. The promise is: ultra-violet light can kill the bacteria, and the phone is within a few minutes to disinfect it.

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Smilewx-Cleaner / © Amazon

With the Gadget, it is a bit reminiscent of a solarium. In fact, your cell phone using UV for the disinfection of electromagnetic radiation. The “mobile shower” clean-up the device, and a lamp that indicates whether or not the process has been completed or is in progress. As soon as the light goes out, the phone is in accordance with the manufacturer’s clean and ready to use. Some of the users have been using this device for Cleaning your computer.

According to a British study, we believe that our Smartphone is on the day of, an average of 221 Times. And how often to clean a mobile phone? Discuss: do you Have any other ways of cleaning your phone or you just never clean?