E3 2020 // Coronaviruses, could adversely affect the fair



Even if Sony is not part of E3 2020, in the hope that the rest of the Editor, which is traditionally the start of the fair before you, to show you the biggest and most important announcements. With the outbreak of the Coronavirus, a lot of trade shows, at the game Developer’s Conference, which will take place in March and in the summer months, moved (we report on) it was. Previously, many of the exhibitors had cancelled their presence at the fair, and the question arises: Could this also affect the upcoming E3?

The organization is ESA, which is responsible for the planning of a 3 year 2020 in Los Angeles county, responsible person, he confirmed that the Situation today is very much needed watch. As it is a top priority Health, Security the The well-being of the visitors and the exhibitors. Currently, the Virus does not affect the planning of the event, which is now running at full speed.

The 3 in 2020, should be the one you’re thinking of, and the manufacturer will compensate for that.

Source: – Kotaku – the news image: © ESA