Emily Ratajkowski’s skirt opens: “Don’t wear!” Photo with nothing below (and has hours)


The speed with which fashion changes is so fast, that sometimes it is not possible to understand at all. Emily Ratajkowski is precisely one of the models that are among the first trendsetters.

His last outfit was quite loose, which resulted in many praises from her dreamer’s followers in networks. Emily doesn’t use it?

The question that runs through the digital world is related to whether Ratajkowski used something below. In the photo, it is seen wearing a dress that by some careless could be considered as a bathrobe with an improvised belt.

The clothes were not what motivated the comments, but the absence of it. And it shows in the opening of the outfit that Emily is not wearing anything else. 

That artistic way that the Londoner of American nationality has of showing herself in front of the cameras, ends up making her unique. Her perfect physical care causes her age to be indecipherable. The impact of her photos lies in a theme also of personality, because she believes that the confidence you have ends up being transmitted to the viewer in the snapshots.

Emily Ratajkowski and the call of her features

The success of the model has to do largely with its features. Emily’s difference is that she does not seek to change them like other competitors, in fact, she empowers them with the use of makeup.

In comparison to other personalities, the lips, nose, and eyes of the Westminster born are large and imposing, but she does not intimidate and shows them in their maximum splendor. 

Then, the real secret is in the way Emily Ratajkowski with attractive confidence, ends up making known features that could be somewhat removed from the so-called modeling perfection. She opted for her naturalness and now triumphs internationally. What new innovative style will surprise us soon?