Final Fantasy 7 Remake: The Demo, The Release, Gameplay, Trailer,


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The Remake of “Final Fantasy 7”, which will be published in April. Here is all the information about the new Release, Gameplay, Story, and Trailer of Overview.

After nearly five years of waiting, the new Action video Game play appears to be in the year 2020 “Final Fantasy 7″. This is a The story the u-play service “Final Fantasy“the one that made its Debut in 1997. All of the information about the release date, Story The gameplay and The Trailer “theFinal Fantasy 7″-Remakes, you’ll find that, in our View.

The Story: with the Launch of “Final Fantasy 7” is moved

The date of Release for “Final Fantasy 7″the Story has been delayed: The role-playing game that was originally a 3. March 2020, to appear. The re-engagement of the 10. In April, in the year 2020.

The Demo of “Final Fantasy 7”

Square Enix published at the beginning of March, all over the world for a Demo of the subscriber PlayStation In addition to the first Mission of the game, you can try once again. Who is the Demo for 11. You can download, you receive a unique PlayStation 4-Design.

“I wanted to talk to”: the Story and the Gameplay in the Remake

As the developer of the RemakesFinal Fantasy 7″ in June to announce that the game will fill in the same two-disc Blu-Ray disc players. In the first part of the new production in the city of The to play and for the players, and a standalone game experience. It also gave the Square Enix it is already known that in the “Final Fantasy 7″-the Story, particularly the decisions and tactics that you will be looking for. For those who are less about tactics and more in this Action, it is in the A video of the game the so-called “mode of Action”. The user is then given the opportunity to put the skills of your avatar to the “Shortcuts” in order to be able to more quickly respond.

In the game, there are also a number of characters such as Barret and Tifa, among which you can choose. There is a peculiarity: it is often between the characters is touched, the stronger the attack is.

The Trailer for “Final Fantasy 7″Remake

The A video of the gameFinal Fantasy 7 – The story“it appears at 3. The march to the Play-Station 4. If you would like to get an idea of the game, here you can watch the official The Trailer.


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