For the keyboard, and the Displays are very clean


In The Air, The Cloth, Dish Soap
For the keyboard, and the Displays are very clean

Crumbs, dust, and fingerprint – full-size keyboard and monitor for the student, more than many users will love. How you can the Dirt the better for the body.

It is not enough to wash it before I work on the Computer, the hands-on or to eat: the key to the enter button. And from the terminals, there are a bunch of crumbs. And so, it’s time for a little spring cleaning.

First of all, you can play along on the keyboard with care. So many crumbs fall out. A good job brushing with a soft brush to get deeper between the keys. The compressed air in spray cans, blowing the dust out of the fins. The cleaner it remains, however, that they would rather be in a home filing cabinet. “They are usually very strong, and you can remove the key or cause any damage to the contacts,” explains Rainer Schuldt of the journal “the image of the Computer.

Scale, surface yellowing, and dead skin cells are removed with a cleaning cloth, all purpose cloth, it usually is a good thing. In the trade, there is a special clay that is pressed on the keyboard, to clean and to disinfect. The funds, however, in the case of heavily soiled up keyboards to their limits. They are not clean, ” says Ulrike Kuhlmann, from the German computer magazine “c’t”.

The keys on mechanical keyboards you can, and place it in the Cutlery basket of the washing machine, the dishwasher, cleans up, such as Andreas Hentschel from the magazine “Chip,” he said. The basket will not close, preferably with a piece of wire or a paper clip so that the buttons on the fly, during the wash cycle in the machine.

As an Alternative, a spin-off, free Washing machine, is good at 30 degrees, but not to remove the clothing. All the buttons are in a bag of clothes. After the cleaning, on a kitchen towel for it to dry so that the moisture is absorbed.

Important to the game, after the washing, Before, there is a picture of the keyboard so that the cleaning up of buttons to the earth, back to the right place.

Lint from the back of the dust to your body

Special cloth for monitors and Screens, as well as special cleaning products are expensive, and, in fact, not necessary. A normal, lint-free cloth is enough to stretch, in order to remove the dust and finger prints. “There’s no paper towels, because many times the wood is not included, scratched in the Show,” says Romanelli.

In any case, you should use a sponge or a cloth with a rough surface, ” says Hentschel. “In the case of the film, and made of plastic, as they are for the use of display, this is the only damage.”

Kuhlmann is recommended in warm water with a little washing-up liquid. The wolf’s dive, and a really good squeeze. “There is no moisture between the edge of the Display, it is allowed to run.” Be careful about the Display of the sem.

Then, wipe clean with a damp cloth soaked in clean water and wrung well, he has been. And, once again, with a soft, dry cloth. Important: Always from the outside to the inside of the procedure. If not, it pushes out the dust from under the edge of the screen.