GhostBSD 20.02: Unix-based operating system that is running in Windows


The free operating system GhostBSD 20.02 Based on Unix, it uses the Kernel of FreeBSD, and with Windows 10, Mac OS and any operating system, Linux is the Kernel for the installation. As a basis for GhostBSD, the UNIX-like operating system, TrueOS, for its part, is about. A classic Desktop and the modern Apps at all.

The Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD) is a variant of the Unix operating system, and it serves as the basis for the current revision of the BSD-derived GhostBSD 20.02.

GhostBSD well as Windows & co.

The GhostBSD Team, the developers behind the operating system, at around the developers, Eric Turgeon and Nahuel Sanchez, you see, the idea of GhostBSD 20.02, in particular, a Partition Editor that allows you to Partition a file system that is ZFS, in addition to the existing Windows, macOS, or Linux partition (s) to build and operate a Unix-based operating system with Windows & co. In this way, especially for those who are new-comers to the BSD to be sure about this.

We are pleased to announce the availability of GhostBSD 20.02. A custom ZFS partition editor has been added, and of t, it is possible to install GhostBSD with ZFS on the same disk as Windows, Linux and macOS x partitions.

GhostBSD Team

The Partition Editor is installed GhostBSD, upon request, by the means of a ZFS Partition, along with Windows 10
The Partition Editor is installed GhostBSD, upon request, by the means of a ZFS Partition, in Windows 10 (image: GhostBSD)

The classic Gnome Desktop, and Applications of modern

GhostBSD would you like to be on the first line of a classic operating system on the Desktop, and put this in a desktop environment, then type in Gnome 2, which is different from that of the Gnome 3 and the traditional version of the desktop, and, in particular, a simple operation that is on track. In the case of GhostBSD, a customized MATE Desktop Environment, comes in a Version 1.22.2 use.

As an Alternative, the operating system provides the user with the ability to switch to a modular and highly customisable Xfce Desktop, which many users should already be out of a lot of gnu / Linux distributions, such as the popular Manjaro 19.0-known.

GhostBSD combines a classic operation, according to the most recent software packages, such as the Firefox web Browser 73.0.1, and the e-Mail Client, Thunderbird, 68.5.0 of Mozilla firefox, VLC media player 3.0.8, and the free Libreoffice Office Suite.

Using the magazine’s front-end Software system can be a fault of the application, the application, it is fast and easy to install. All of the other Changes to the GhostBSD 20.02, the developers in the official Release Notes. A multilingual Wiki is to help users get started with the Unix operating system.

The editors would like to thank all the member of the Community to “TRUE” in the note to this message.