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Ralph Rubio, the independent developer Gylt behind the stage of the game, an exclusive is confident that the long-announced features, will enchant in the game, and that’s the truth. Thus, for example, to a native Integration with Youtube, and then to the Stadiums, the players can play directly in conjunction with the Let’s-Player.

And now, a report in Business Insider making the rounds to explain why there is so little new games in the Google Arena. According to Google, in the same year, 120 new and games, in-Stadium Store, ready to Buy it, but it is still not enough to see it. At present, there are 28 different game titles in the official Stadium Shop. All four games come from the developers, the Indie. The independent developer of the game, told Business Insider that you can earn a lot of money for a game to Google in the arena. If you are making a decision about which platform a game is offered for free, so it’s critical as a financial incentive for the developer to fail. Google itself aims to support independent game developers, according to the report, with just a little bit of money. In addition to this, the Stadiums and the crowd, it was a very, very small.

On the Epic Games Store, as it’s an interesting Alternative

A prominent Indie developer, who wishes to remain anonymous, said that he was directly approached by the Stadium’s Team, and if he doesn’t want to develop games for the Google Arena. Generally, in these conversations, which is a type of business is that it gives a developer an incentive to do so. In the case of Google, however, is that it can be in any form which is not available, so the developer of the game. The Inide game developers and also the developers in the studios, however, would prefer the Movie to the Games. Here, as the developer, rather than on Steam and other Shops, with the usual 30-percent, you will have to pay only a 12 percent share of the revenue has sold the game to the store, the Store’s operator. If a game developer makes for a time-exclusive deal with Epic Games, and if the financial compensation is very generous. The development of a PC-game for Epic Games, it’s not even worth it, if you ask the question in the title is not going to sell you a one-Time process.

“We have to ask ourselves, ‘Is this enough money, we have the resources to do what we want, or is it an exclusive agreement that gives us security? There are platforms that you want to be, because you have an audience you want to reach this audience. This is what Steam is, or what it is that you [Nintendo] The circuit-breaker. You will have great groups in their platforms, and they want to be in one of these groups, so that they can play their games.” – Anonymous, an independent game developer.

According to Business Insider, many of the independent and small developer studios, have no doubt about the long-term success of the Google Arena. The goal of Google + is that you can get the most players, and the classic consoles. You don’t want to appeal to the billions of people in Stadiums. The developer of the game, however, is the question, if I have the patience. There is a fear that Google may soon pull the plug on the arena. Here, especially, the history of Google is an impediment, but rather as the group does not have a set beginning-of-Mountainview, in the past, if it is executed as you require. The majority of the promised new games in Triple-A games such as FIFA, etc. there are also on other platforms as well. Here is the Google Stadium is nothing more than a sales opportunity.

Google to the Stadium, and The crazy Launch Trailer Video

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A set of instructions for the game developers to Google’s home grounds:

  • According to a report in Business Insider’s third party developers, the small developer studios for a number of reasons, be reluctant to support the Game service in the Cloud, in the Google Arena. You’ll save a little money by selling the Games to the Capital.
  • Also, with the financial support of Google for third party developers is low, for example, in comparison to the Epic Game.
  • In addition to this, there is very little of it in Stages to users, and it is not clear how long Google will even still offer on the Grounds, so that the developer compared to Business Insider.

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Source: Business Insider

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Nvidia Geforce Right Now with over a Million new users in

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Google it brings the Stadiums in the app instead of the Smartphone

The Cloud Gaming Service is also in the Galaxy of Smartphones and other devices to use.

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[PLUS] Cloud Gaming on Google Stadiums, in the Test

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