Grand theft auto 6-Trailer, note: the Mystery that keeps the Fans in suspense


In the U.S., developer Rockstar Games has yet to reveal a little more about their new Triple-A title. Now it’s a piece-of-the-Art in order to announce the very first “grand theft auto 6″Trailer.

With “Red Dead Redemption” and “Grand Theft Auto” is a video game developer Rockstar Games is the same for the two lines, and the mountains have huge potential. To keep the new title in the success of the Studio, silent for the most part in silence, but the Cat knows how to inflame the Community. This is speculation on a new project, the first “Grand theft auto 6″Trailer to be announced. But what is really behind all of this?

The very first “grand theft auto 6″Trailer? Behind the work of Art in the

For the past several months, the Game of the Fans, it can hardly be a Leak, or rumour, in the last part of the “grand theft auto”series. For you to immerse yourself in a mysterious, works of Art, published by the creators of the popular series. This is to announce the very first “grand theft auto 6″Trailer. In fact, this idea does not seem too far-fetched.

“Dream killing, hope killing, just a fight, a Weak aggressor,” he said in a Text that adorns the new Artwork is the rock star Logo. You will find the alleged reference to the “alliance of 6″to the Trailer, when you visit the site, in the company of the game in the top-left corner of the menu. However, the Community seems to be divided on what this is actually suggesting.

Of course, it would not be impossible that Rockstar Games will announce a new game in the Action-Adventure game. However, this should only appear in the fall of 2021. In this way, others are going to be more of a Teaser trailer for “Bully 2” And “Table Tennis 2” or “L. A. Noire” and 2″. So far, the Publisher has maintained, however, that, as usual, are silent. We remain excited and will keep you informed of any updates on this mysterious note, and the current one.

“GTA 6″Release in the fall of 2021

A long time ago that the first rumors appeared that for the “Grand Theft Auto VI”. Since then, many things have changed, and some notes on the game for the PS5, Xbox, X-Series, and the PC seems to penetrate to the surface. In December of 2019 at the latest, the Fans, wanted to make a note about the first grand theft auto 6″Trailer and discovered for the “GTA 6″Release, there are now more than enough information.

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