“Half Life “Source”: VR-shooter, and the game physics in a Video game


In the first game’s trailer, it shows that the “Half-Life: Source” promise, to a maximum of VR, in the Shot with a lot of interactions with the environment. The main character Alyx fished the shells out of the air, and looking up from under the seat to the toilet bowl for injecting the steroids, wipes in a Headcrab pod off to the side, and put a robot with the “best of Music”style, with a bucket on his head.

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It helped the Gameplay Video-Life: Source (source: Valve)

All such equipment must ensure that it has to do with both of your hands. The move appears to be two possibilities: in the first, he can move it, Source free RV, in situations that are hectic, it can be used with a short Teleport.

The atmosphere of Half-Life: Source look, in the first of three short Videos of the Game released by Valve on their Youtube channel, quite a sad one. The fleet of spells from the game pieces to release the tension, but something else. Anyone who has played the previous Half Life titles, are going to ask you about the word, the most formidable being the protagonist, Alyx, who comments on the events in contrast to the rigid, silent, Gordon Freemand the game many, many times.

To play Black, you need to according to the Steam page, a word processor, on the same level as the Core i5-7500 or by Ryzen 5 in the 1600’s. In addition to this, a video card such as the GTX 1060 or the RX-580 with 6 GB of VRAM is required, at least 12 GB of memory, it should be placed on your computer. With a VR-glasses, also it is obligatory, because it is the Source hype and Coronaviruses, many of the models that have been sold in the past few weeks, but it.

Half-Life: Source, it tells the story of the iconic game of the series, the character of a well-known Source. A total of three high-quality VR’s productions, you want to put a tube in the legs, and the Citadel is only the beginning. This means the steamer can give to the operator of the RV as a video game platform to a new life. Valve is constructed with a “table of Contents” it’s the stronger of the VR glasses for PC gamers, but also other glasses can be supported. The VR Train is coming on the 23rd. In march, the commerce.