He raped me when I was 14 years


The MeToo and the era of scandals in Hollywood can’t seem to stop, and only a few days of the controversy (with a lot of protests), to the victory of Roman Polanski for the César award, comes another sensational case relates to a celebrity of the cinema. We are talking about the actor Timothy Huttonthe Oscar for “ordinary people” and, more recently, also in the cast of the series “The rules, a perfect murder.” He was accused of the rape of a woman by the name of Evening Johnston, canadian ex-model, who claimed to be victims of violence on the part of the plaintiff, and of another man in 1983, when he was only 14 years. At the time Hutton had, she was 23. In the past of the plaintiff, the marriage with Debra Winger from 1986 to 1990 (gangs nelll’85), stories with Uma Thurman and Angelina Jolie, and the second wedding with Aurore Giscard d’estaing, the daughter of the former French President, from 2000 to 2009. Has born two children by ex-wives, Noah and Milo.

The complaint, night Johnston

The Johnston criminal charges against Hutton was the end of 2019 at the Vancouver police. In a long interview with BuzzFeed, has claimed that the rape you would be consumed in a hotel in Vancouver, while Hutton made the film “the ice man” by Fred Schepisi. The Johnston was invited in hotel room by Hutton, together with two other friends. The girl would accept to rise, because they know happy, a star of cinema. There, the actor would have forced in a relationship is forced, although you stop him, he may yet. Also would an oral report by a friend of Hutton will be required. “It hurt, to die“said Johnston, “I mean, it was very painful. God. Yes, it was extremely painful. Terrible, terrible, absolutely terrible“. The mother-in the eveningat this time you are in the area of film in Vancouver, and he had a job as a decorator set for The “ice man”, said he always knew everything, and he brought back the daughter of a psychiatrist. He decided not to report it, since the word would be a 14 against a movie star: “I’m ashamed of myself. I want him denounced”BuzzFeed said.

Timothy Hutton denies the allegations

Hutton, by his side, “completely negated and clearly“the allegations. The actor took on two law firms to defend himself and one of his lawyers said that the actor never met Johnston and “a minute is not to ennoble these allegations, because they are patently false and designed only to protect money“. In terms of the narrative of the woman, the lawyer says, that he “details specified, vulgar, cruel and explicitly sexual encounter invented, which is supposedly happened 36 years ago“, “details disgusting that any writer of fiction could conjure“of which there is no evidence. The attorney Hutton also stated that the history of Johnston “manufactured“and contains “statements that are patently false, scurrili and defamatory“.

No agreement economic

The defenders, Hutton, to attack the woman, not abruptly, until 2017, when he hired a lawyer, to come to an agreement to economic rather than to the police. Always according to the legal, in February 2019, an ex-friend of Johnson’s contact with the other defendants (the friend of Hutton) would have to negotiate an agreement. An episode that has confirmed itself, claim that you have damaged. The surprises do not end here, because in the last few months, Hutton would have understood pour 135mila us dollar, the Johnson in exchange for a confidentiality clause (in front of the half a million the attorney requested from you). They even refused to sign, and not by the condition, to deny that the imposed violence.