Huawei is going All the way: the mobile phone manufacturers on a collision course


Huawei exceeds a common thread: The U.S. sanctions are forcing the phone manufacturers to drastic measures that could destroy the relationship with Google on a permanent basis. Huawei’s Smartphones in the future, you will never have access to the google Play Store and Google Apps, which is expected to be less and less likely.

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Even so, the vast majority of it comes from Google, the revenue from advertising around the search results, all of the efforts to diversify the business model, Though. A search engine is, and remains, the beast of the golden days of Google, its parent company, Alphabet, is defended with all their Energy, when compared to its competitors. Huawei is in the competition for the us group, which you should read in the Mountain Views with suspicion.

Huawei’s tackle Google with its own search engine

According to the XDA Developers Huawei is working on its own Search Application, which must be pre-installed in the Smartphone from the Chinese manufacturer. In the framework of the implementation of the well-known Google apps for Android Smartphones and the iphone is the same. Under the survey form on the basis of a Feed of the latest news, articles, in the form of a card that is available to you. The App itself is simply called the “HUAWEI Search.”

The Application of the Research of Huawei, which is very reminiscent of the Google counterpart. (Photo: XDA Developers).

It is clear that the Service is the search result of Huawei gets leaked. The XDA developers suggest that the results are consistent neither with Google, nor with Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo or other providers of such services. It is interesting that Huawei is offering you the chance to get the inputs from the search results, the removal of which is the DSGVO support. This suggests, once again, that Huawei’s purchase of the results of a third-party provider, but the Web is crawled, and is, therefore, an actual search engine itself provides.

Huawei, the second-fold of a mobile phone is expensive, very expensive:

Huawei, and Google to a Permanent damage in the relationship?

Huawei is trying to do in the face of sanctions from the united states, Google, whatever, and that is understandable. A direct assault on Google’s core business, represents a whole new Dimension. The relationship between the phone manufacturer and the browser as soon as the patient can lead to permanently damage. Even if your Huawei is eventually removed from the “black list”, which would be, at the least, open to question whether or not Google, Huawei issued an Android license for it.