Kamensky showed curvy figure in a bikini amid pregnancy rumors


The singer shared a new photo from Mexico.

Temptation without interruption: Nastya Kamenskikh stressed tan white mini-bikini
Nastya Kamensky. photo: instagram.com/kamenskux/

Nastya Kamensky last year married the captain. Lovers for many years concealed his novel, but fans knew that they were not just partners. Now she builds a solo career, but the beloved is always there and supports her. The singer has always had a curvaceous. Your body she loves to show spicy images. After the wedding, their habits, the artist does not change.

Recently Kamensky went on vacation with her husband. They decided to spend time in Mexico. There the singer was donning shorts or mini dress. It is noteworthy that the recent rumors about the pregnancy of the girl. Fans waiting for her to give the Farm heir. But it seems that the 32-year-old actress not to rush into becoming a mother. She has published a new photo on which poses in a swimsuit.

Nastia appeared in a white mini bikini which highlighted her tan and curvy figure. The rounded belly she was not observed. Fans admired the figure of the Ukrainian stars. “What a beauty”, “Nastya, chic shape, so it should look like a woman”, “Lucky Farm”, “Beautiful figure, just unreal”, “this is beautiful, not a skinny girl without a gram of fat,” — commented on the post members.

By the way, Kamensky also appeared without makeup. She’s not afraid to show their natural beauty. Earlier, the singer also posted a video of the shower. The footage artist, standing under streams of water in a black bathing suit, taking a seductive pose. It is not surprising that Nastya has recently been shot for men’s magazine Playboy.