Kim Kardashian’s dress can’t with that much! “Have you put on more?” (and the photo is from behind)


Kim Kardashian begins to have a worrying addiction. Whenever fat can be injected into the hips so that its bulky innkeepers remain as spectacular as they have been.

The American socialite knows that this is her personal brand and that she has been recognizable for years because of her peculiar curves.

For that reason, it seems that she has not been surprised when she has been seen this week in the street in a dress of the tightest and with clear signs that she has increased her size again.

Doubts among her fans

It seems that the followers of the most famous Kardashian have doubts about whether there really is more size or is the dress and that is why the comment with more interactions on social networks about that photo has been one that has put fans writing: “Have you put on more?”.

However, it seems that the general opinion is that there has been a fat injection again.

Kim Kardashian knows Spanish

The socialite recently recognized in an interview that long ago she studied Spanish with her sister Kourtney Kardashian, who seems not to be especially good.

Kim explained: “Kourtney and I went to the same Spanish class in high school. I was very smart so I was going an advanced year. Just kidding! She had to repeat a Spanish course, but it was the best year because we did together.”