Kojima Productions: for the PC-Version of Death of a Stranded high-five from Half-Life


In the action game Death to Report (a Test of Golem.de it is a 2. 2020 for Windows PC’s on the market. So far, the game is only on Playstation 4 – as of the end of 2019 at the latest. The PC Version is, according to the Italian Publisher 505 Games “The contents of the valve from the iconic Franchise, the Half-Life. included.

The job market

  1. CITTI Handelsgesellschaft mbH & co. KG, Kiel, Germany
  2. Software AG, Düsseldorf

What, exactly, is unclear. In fact, 505 Games, and the Death of the Stranding competent developer Kojima Productions, on the one hand, and Half of them will make the Life of the developer, Valve, on the other hand, nothing but each other.

The death of the Stranding is based on the Source Engine by Valve, but the Decima-Fire on the Horizon to Zero at Night), and the Dutch, a Sony subsidiary, guerrilla Games, too.

The game will also be available on Steam, but at the same time, it’s Epic Games. In the Video, the logo of the Valve, the valve, and a Headcrab from Half – Life see.

Based on the information currently available to it, the game is not distributed through other stores. If the Death is Stuck at the Google international Version is in the box in the retail stores, it appears, is not yet known. The death of the Stranding rate of the personal computer, among other things, a picture-taking mode, the image and the support for Ultra-Wide screens are provided.

Death from Stranding, sends players to a post-apocalyptic North America. It is not the actor, Norman Reedus is shown, freight, Sam messenger, Porter, on the road, in order to provide the settlements with the drugs, scrap metal, or sometimes with a cold beer and a hot Pizza.

At the same time, you’re fighting against a mysterious Power, and the order of the government, for the salvation of the world. The greatest challenge is usually to overcome the complex and, at times, very long journey, in spite of so many dangers, and, above all, in spite of the often huge quantities of Luggage on the Sam’s back.

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