Lady Gaga in the bathtub without soap! She teaches everything and everything is everything!


Lady Gaga is in luck with her new song ‘Stupid Love’, which seems to be working very well, a joy that the American singer needed as eating after a hard year.

The video clip of the song was shot in the desert and the long hard duration of it left the artist very physically touched, who has needed all kinds of tricks to not crush her muscles.

She has recognized that her pains are increasing with the last few years due to the fibromyalgia she suffers, and that is why she has to take great care.

Recovery to the beast

Lady Gaga has wanted to show the world how she has made her physical recovery after those hard sessions and has taught her with an image of her recovery routine worthy of top-level players.

And is that the American singer has become accustomed to showering with cold water and even taking ice baths to finish recovering her body and eliminate the pain caused by fibromyalgia.

One year doing it

Since a year ago when she fell into one of her concerts she began with this routine to recover the pains and it seems that she is doing quite well, although she has a certain trap since the bathtub has hot water and then the ice is put on.

She herself has acknowledged that this is done by her audience and does not seem to have a particularly good time: “I am in the desert in an ice bath because I love my fans.”