Leading “House-2” Ksenia Borodina not afraid of the coronavirus


Leading project “Dom-2” Ksenia Borodina told that he is not afraid to travel, even despite the fact that many people in Russia really scared coronavirus. Moreover, the star is going to fly in your birthday abroad.

In her personal Instagram account leading project “Dom-2” Ksenia Borodina asked its subscribers, and whether they are afraid of insidious coronavirus. Ksenia said that soon she will have flight as she wants her birthday is celebrated in another country. The media personality is going to leave the kids at home, once again not to risk their health. Itself Ksenia bought a mask and even managed to make it a selfie, upload photos online. So she wants to protect yourself from the chance of catching any infection.

Also Ksenia Borodina says that the people are not as funny as before. However, it is not going to change his mind, after all, is flying to China. In addition, Borodin asked its users what they think about this. Many fans supported her and asked to protect themselves. There were those who noted that pharmacies one of the most popular products at the moment – the mask, because everyone is trying to protect yourself from viruses.