Lesya Nikityuk boasted a slim figure in a bikini


While the most active fans and haters discuss the shape of Lesya Nikityuk and the degree of vulgarity of her photo, the presenter does not hesitate to throw them new topics for discussion. So recently, Lady Le published images taken in the evening on the territory of the Egyptian hotel, where the celebrity posed in a short denim shirt, showing a lack of skirts.

But she decided not to stop there and the next photo, which she pleased followers has become relaxed frame where in a tiny bikini Les surrendering to the waves of the sea, lying with closed eyes on the surface of the water.

And if some fans thought that the presenter all the time resting and almost does not show the workers, they actually did. “Rest” – signed the girl, adding to its Emoji with blue waves, confirming that enjoys life.

Members noted that in this perspective, Les reminds them of a mermaid, and the glare from the water make the figure more attractive and slimmer.

  • Judging by the photos, Les lives on the seas and nothing more makes life a continuous vacation
  • Lady Mermaid
  • So bombeznaya
  • Like a mermaid, very beautiful
  • Lesya VI, duzhe Garni
  • Krasna swova
  • If the photo povernuti 180 sche crutches wyglada
  • Rusalonka
  • What a hottie
  • Carefree holiday, the Queen!