Meghan Markle in a Marvel movie? The news! As Scarlett


Actress, Duchess, again, actress: the last news on Meghan Markle claim, with the security of a film Marvel the former royal you want to be in the role of a supereroina. Can you imagine?

After the departure of the Royal Family of the British voices on the future of Harry and Meghan in Canada, hunt quickly: in March 2020 in the UK for a variety of retail events, such as the royals (as you asked for, and got, the Queen Elisabeth), and then really Meghan wants to get back tv series and movies than before the encounter with Prince Harry?

The news of Meghan Markle that he would like a role supereroina in Marvel films as Scarlett Johannson (the Black widow is checked in the franchise for years) out there Daily Mail,, you sure the (almost) ex-Duchess of Sussex has said to find his agent in Hollywood, a role that the super-Meghan and then it bounced from country to country, without that the message has been confirmed by direct question.

Meghan Markle news, really see in a Marvel movie?

Meghan plan a series of meetings in Hollywood. Already has concluded the contract for the voiceover-Disney-and now he has found out what he wants to do a superhero movie, as a voice actress or an actress. Know that it is not the people, not so numerous this decision, but determined, still say and he thinks about it, a great film, a great production and a mega-contract, in which you not only in the center of the scene.

The plans of Meghan for the future revealed of are been Daily Mail, which, as she says she heard through the living voice of the American agent of the Duchess, Nick Collins. The desire, Meghan Markle, what is perceived by the public, such as Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Alba, Margot Robbie, Jennifer Lawrence and Halle Berry all took part, a film of heroines, and at the same time have a career recognition for their roles in a dramatic and committed.


Suits - Season 6
Meghan Markle on the set of Suits, as it was called, in the year 2016.USA NetworkGetty Images

Do you remember that as soon as you escaped the bomb Sussexit had come, outside the news that Meghan cancelled would have, a new documentary from Disney? The news would have been confirmed and Meghan Markle in his recent trip to Los Angeles would have already closed the project and recorded the voiceover. If you are really in the future of Sussex and, in particular, by Meghan it’s the cinema or television, the we between the many months with official statements. In the middle is, is all just a rumour, especially in connection with the fact that the haters of Harry and Meghan are convinced that it was to convince you to give your man the official role, to a life with more freedom and cash value, than you would fire live (as already for the other at least potentially).

You’ve got us never thought that Harry has had, the same desire of a woman, if she is born to us, to escape from the duties of the Palace? And maybe it has always known, ever since he set with Meghan Markle, that their fate would be far from London, perhaps with his wife, with more freedom and with prices significantly powerful back most of the past, on the set? Who knows if Meghan Markle is transformed into a Wonder Woman with incredible powers: in a few months we will have a confirmation of all of his projects.