Microsoft 365: the Teams, the integrated automatic recognition of the speech, and Outlook


Microsoft is expanding its software communication equipment and a variety of new features. The company, for example, in order to integrate the e-mail client, Outlook, directly from within the program. This means that users can send to their colleagues quickly and directly by E-Mail. This is useful because many of the Teams, users, e-Mail addresses that are associated with them, and they come from Microsoft itself, or the Directors have been switched on. E-Mail address, for example, in the conversations, you can share it. These will be incorporated as an attachment to you directly.

The job market

  1. The black-and-services-KG, and the space in Neckarsulm
  2. Nanofocus AG, Oberhausen

Also, newly added is the feature of the Living Legends, the Teams, video-conferencing, the Spoken word is displayed as Text at the bottom of the shaft. This is achieved by means of voice detection, which is hosted in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. The Feature had previously been in a closed system the pre-view for it to be tested and should be available for all users provided. Live Captioning to help the hörbeeinträchtigten people, but it can also be useful in environments where sound is not available, for example, in public transport, etc.

The Tags for all the participants

I mention the Brand name, you can address the team in a new Release of an entire group of people without a private chat room to be created. The users are provided with various Tags that describe your role in the organization. Example: using @to mention a developer would be covered by the Teams, all the developers who are tagged with the Tag of the developer. Who can add Tags and edit it, you can specify that the relevant staff of the Trustee.

The developers have to make small Changes in a Support document. For example, the option of Recording conversations in the Cloud, you should also be on the premises of the data center as possible. The user will also be given to the possibility of the most frequently used Applications, and a team pin.

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