Miley Cyrus Here she shows her latest nude tattoo


There are already somebody art pieces that adorn the skin of superstar Miley Cyrus (27).

Now there is a new one – and the 27-year-old proudly presents it in a short Instagram clip.

The short, black-and-white video shows Miley in a rock-hard look: she is wearing a dark shirt, a dark cap and is hung with jewelry.

A zoom then shows your new tattoo in detail. It is a naked, drawn woman – it was inspired by the representations of the French artist Henri Matisse.

The singer’s latest nude tattoo is on the outside of her right upper arm. At the end of the short video, she proudly holds him up to the camera.

Miley quotes lyrics to the Instagram clip from Leonard Cohen’s hit “Dance Me To The End Of Love”. After the verse quotes, it says “Matisse X Cohen”.

Seems like the superstar is connecting something very specific with the tattoo. Just what?

Miley has not yet solved THE riddle. But the fact is your fans like it. Some write about the clip: “Your most beautiful tattoo so far” or “Wow, I want one too.”

Others even continue the lyrics of Cohen – hach, it can go so harmoniously with the scandal noodle …