Nt-Mini-Noir-Analog stick brings about the final Version of its console, the NES


The Nt-Mini-Noir-Analog, has released a new Version of a console game. As for the Nt, the Mini – console, the NES and the Famicom, you can play games. The Release is Guaranteed for the year 2016, presented it Nt the Mini comes with a case made of anodized metal with a Gun Metal Finish.

The job market

  1. Buss-SMS-Canzler GmbH, Butzbach
  2. The Energy Is In The South Of Bavaria GmbH, Munich

Analog and according to the Nt, the Mini is Guaranteed to be the last edition of the console, then the manufacturer seems to want to make new devices to make more. The Nt-Mini-Noir that comes from Analog that are also available as limited edition, how many devices exactly are available to you, it is not stated by the manufacturer.

The Nt-Mini-Noir, in addition to the hard-anodized Gun-Metal-housing-gold-plated terminals for Connection to the Controller. In addition, the system 8bitdos the new N30 2.4 g Controller is included in the NES Design, which is connected via Bluetooth to the console. Technically, it is the same Hardware as the Nt-Mini.

– Compatible with the NES and the Famicom

The Analog-to-Nt-Mini-Noir, it is, therefore, not only the NES, and Famicom Cartridges compatible with original NES and Famicom accessories like the NES Zapper. Also, in the Famicom Disk System in Aluminium in the console to connect to. The four gates of the Controller is the Original NES controllers are compatible with it.

The Chip on the Inside of the Nt-Mini-Noir, it is a so-called FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array), the hardware of the original NES tracks. The Nt-Mini-Noir that you can order on the web site of the stick and it costs $ 500 US, so $ 50 more than the original model.

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Nt-Mini-Noir is a special edition of the 2016 olympics unveiled-Nt-Mini. Image (Analogue)