Oksana Akinshina has delighted fans of a photo in wet bikini


32-year-old Russian actress Oksana Akinshina has published in his Instagram a black and white photo, which appeared in solid dark leotard, emerging from the water. The actress hasn’t told me where he had done the only meaningful said: “we Cannot start life anew, but it can continue that way.”

Perhaps the star of “Sisters”, “Mods” and “Vysotsky” was referring to the recent crisis that occurred in her relationship with her husband film producer Archil Gelovani. In the media one time it was reported that the actress was almost going to divorce. But then she began appearing with her husband at various events, and even went with him to the Maldives.

Unlike many other owners of curvy shapes, Oksana not often publish beach photos. Perhaps that is why fans are so enthusiastically appreciated this picture.

“I just love it!!!”, – wrote one of them.

“Not a woman but a FIRE !!! Sorry for the emotion,” could not resist the second.

“The most beautiful and natural actress,” said someone from the readers the fact that Oksana was in the picture without makeup.

Recall that Akinshina has a son Philip from her first husband Dmitry Litvinov and two sons of Constantine and Amy, born in marriage with Gelovani.