Oksana Samoilov posing in bikini 5 days after the fourth genera


18 Feb 2020 Oksana Samoilov and Djigan the fourth time became the parents. A couple is born son David. At this time the model decided to give birth at the insistence of her husband in Miami. A young mother was discharged from hospital on the third day after caesarean section.

Today on the personal page of Oksana profile “Instagram“there was video from the beach, where she is in the frame walking along the beach in a bikini chocolate brown. “Don’t want to put a picture to didn’t say it was a photoshop“, signed Samoilov post to social networks.

Today is the 7th day after cesarean section. Where is my stomach? How could he have so quickly drawn back? I’m nothing special and special for do not. I’m not even wearing a jockstrap!“- surprised Oksananoting that feeding baby is everything.

On the second or third day after birth tummy was still like six, and therefore began to disappear. So by the 10th day I can appear and press. Many say that it happened because my son was born. And I’m starting to believe it“, – summed up the monologue model.

It is known that the daughter of the star couple Leia, By Ariel and Maya was excited about a baby brother born. David was surrounded with attention and nursing care.

Earlier Oksana Samoylova shocked fans of the size of the abdomen before birth.