OnePlus 8, Pro, and Lite China manufacturer plans large-scale attack


After a lot of back-and-forth of the interview to the OnePlus-8-the-series-is coming out now. On the contrary to the previously reported should not be presented to for all three of the phones, but in mid-March. Compared to the OnePlus and 7, however, it used to be.

The source of the image, and the SAME – OnePlus 7T For

OnePlus 8: presentation in mid-April, the planned

OnePlus I would like to introduce their new cell phones in the middle of April of the year 2020, which was officially and, more specifically, in the second week of April. The information in the TechRadar that it will be unveiled at the Event, with the smartphone, OnePlus 8, OnePlus 8 Pro and the OnePlus Is 8 Lite. It is assumed that there is a global idea, and all the phones a short time later, they also are available all over the world. As one of the places in the presentation, it seems to have been picked in India, only here the manufacturer will be able to claim on the premium segment, and it should go on to the next Generation.

It was originally planned for release at the end of the first quarter, even if the OnePlus has confirmed that this is not. Also, on the alleged date, the manufacturer has not yet voiced an opinion.

Our impression of the OnePlus 7T, For which there is in this Video here:

Even though the OnePlus one-8-series, now comes, apparently, but it’s a little later than expected, but compared to the OnePlus And 7 (Pro-it) is a date in the past. Both phones will come out in may or June, 2019 at the latest in the market. With the previous Version, the new Generation of the manufacturer, I would like to do, is probably closer to the competition to submit your best mobile phones, usually in the spring.

OnePlus 8 Pro Display with a 120 Hz

With respect to the equipment, especially the Pro variant of the OnePlus one is 8, so a lot of the questions here in advance, not all of them have been answered – but it is also. It is well established that the OnePlus ® 8 Pro has a Display that comes in at a refresh rate of 120 Hz. The diagonal measurement of the screen, it is likely that the amount of 6.65 inches. The battery power of the Tophandys will have a capacity of 4500 mAh which is 500 mAh more than its predecessor. The battery power must be 50 watts instead of 30 watts of charging, ” he says.

So, the OnePlus ® 8 Pro may look something like this:

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OnePlus 8 Pro as beautiful as the next Top may seem like a Smartphone

Three times the rear camera, the maximum resolution is expected to be 64 PM, while the two other lenses can be used on up to 20 and is 12 MP. In front of you, or the manufacturer may not be a Pop-up menu of the camera.

The Lite version is not sure to get out of a 120 Hz Display and also the camera must not be quite as spectacular – with the suspicion of a Sensor, the Sony IMX586 don’t need to hide it, of course. With a diagonal of 6.4-inch display, the OnePlus 8 in the Lite is a bit smaller and, probably, with the HD+ to resolve. Instead of a Snapdragon 865 the Dimensity of 1000 from the manufacturer, MediaTek could be used, such as a word processor, which is likely to push the price down.