Portege X30L- – – – G: Dynabook packs of six-cores in a 900-g-Ultrabook


Dynabook has launched the Portégé X30L- – – – G, in the German trade, which was originally introduced at the consumer electronics show, CES, in January, in the year 2020. The 13.3-inch Ultrabook is very light-weight and also maintainable, thanks to a 42-watt-hour battery, and an economic View of the run-time is also relatively high.

The job market

  1. The black-and-services-KG, and the space in Neckarsulm
  2. Melitta-Business-Service-Center GmbH & co. KG, Minden, Germany

309 x 212 x 17.9 mm), 870 grams, the Portege X30L- – – – G is compact, and weighs very little. The height of this is due to the fact that the Dynabook is received at the terminals of Mg-Business Utrabooks bit commitments, in addition to an RJ-45 connector for Gigabit Ethernet, it is HDMI 1.4, two USB 3.2-Gen1-a-Kind – and-USB-3.2-Gen1-Type-C Port (View/Download) Micro SD card reader, a combined 3.5-mm Audio jack, and a Kensington security slot Hole.

The keypad is a white light in the background, on the Pad, a fingerprint sensor built into it. For the sake of the Dynabook, for Toshiba, and was sold to Foxconn, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sharp, is a Display Igzo in the device: The matte IPS 1080p Panel is supposed to reach a high brightness of up to 470 Candela per square meter, and 150 cd/m2, and only about 0.5 Watt requirement. As an alternative, there’s the Portege X30L- – – – G, with a 300-Nit brightness, and then Tap on the Screen.

Dynabook Portege X30L-G. (image: Peter Steinlechner/Golem.in January

In the Interior of the Comet Pond in U-shape, that is to say, two of the six resistant to the 14-nm Chips from Intel. Dynabook use of a Conductive solution on using a fan for cooling, which has been developed for use in the X30L-G, brand new. The DDR4-memory – 4 Gb or 8 Gb, it is the soldier, add a so-DIMM into the slot of the Update. M. 2-2280-NVMe/Sata-SSD can also be changed.

For wireless connections, Dynabook depends on the free Wi-Fi, 6, and Bluetooth, 5.1 sound card, a Modem, LTE and the office antenna array with Thunderbolt 3 have been omitted for reasons of weight. The three different models of the Portege X30L- – – – G-cost between 1,000 and 1.940 euros, The cheapest option that has two points of red velvet, 4 Gb, 128 Gb SSD, to 1,440 Euros), of which there are four nodes with up to 8 Gb, and 256 Gb of RAM and the fastest Version has six cores and with the addition of up to 16 GB, and 512 GB.

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