Reference action: to present to all of you – it’s good that you are in your business?


In the case of the Saturn, it started at the end of the week, a new one, with the title of “gifts for everyone”. When you are purchasing an product, it is a gift, that is, in the end, it is, of course, it’s a mixed calculation. We want you to look at to see if these services is really worth the effort.

There is an iPad with 128 gigabytes (GB), for example. This fact, in and of itself, is very rewarding, after all, only the models with 16 or 32 GB of are often offered. It is on the iPad, starting from 2019 at the latest, of the power to the daily life of a normal user, it’s certainly do-able. On the Saturn, you can get the iPad today for 459 euros (about 50 € more than the Internet for price comparison.

There is, however, on the Saturn, Yes, it is a gift: The Apple in Pencil, not pen. And the cost of the Internet to compare the prices of at least € 90. So you end up with is a pretty good deal if you can get away with two of something.

Of course, there are Packages that actually make a bit more sense. Since the AirPods (2), the costs in the case of Saturn, is currently at 169 euros, for example. As a gift, here are some of the Apple EarPods with Lightning connector to your or him in the amount of $ 29. I can’t imagine that it’s anything to any of you as interesting.

And so it is at the end of the action, again, it’s a little bit of self-initiative is required. It is the products that they offer are, in fact, a Bundle in the process, the only thing you can do with it?” After all, even popular brands such as Philips Hue, the FritzBox or as Samsung in addition to Apple.