Robot vacuum-Roborock S5 you can clear single rooms ”


The good news for the owners of the suction of any robot, Roborock S5: The detection, the Update seems to be right now, in fact, the whole of the EU, the models of the App-controlled vacuum cleaner that is available.

The company had already announced in December, and the delivery is now Standard, which belongs to the function is a little bit more about the market for S5 series. In January, we have distributed the first of the Updates, however, there are many owners of the EU Version of the device that have not been taken into account.

Roborock S5 Firmware Update, Cleanliness Of The Room

A lot in the last few days, I received a reader’s report suggests that the supplier provides to the Upgrade to Version 3.5.7_002008 now for all models of the Roborock S5 ready to go. If you think it’s worth a re-look at the Application that is associated with.

Roborock, you currently offers two different vacuum cleaner than a robot with the function of the card, so the ability to clean up the room they are plugged in. The S5 can only be described as a sturdy base for the model, including a wiper function, and the S6 is an improvement by, among other things, with a much quieter Version of the work. In addition to this, there is the S5’s Max, with an extra-large water tank, and the S4, as it is a pure robot vacuum cleaner that without any of the cleaner’s function.

We aim to have all of the current models of the Roborock. Here are the Links to the respective product performances and test it with us:

The company wants to bring in during the first half of the year, with the Roborock S6 is Pure, and is a cheaper variant of its top of the range model on the market.