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On the official Website of Rockstar Games, mysterious things are happening. Without any context, there are two mysterious images that surfaced in the rumor mill, bring to a boil. This is a brand new game?

Android Oscarina clings lasciviously to the Game-the R.Android Oscarina clings lasciviously to the Game-the R.

The Game of the Games: a couple of photos and a bit of a puzzle

Rockstar Games, the developers of gems such as ” Grand Theft Auto 5, Red Dead Redemption 2 or the Bully to The back of the honor, and posted to the Website, secretly, for the two images, which makes the Fans a little bit of a puzzle.

In the first picture, which you can find if you click on the Website Rockstar Games in the to three features. This is the Background of the start-up menu.

The work of Art in the show is a strong, Oscar-esque female androids, which cling to the side of the bucket, champagne falls to his knees, and a famous rock star-R. Questionable whether or not this is a new game geteasert to be or is it simply an embellishment on the Side.

In the second picture, it has been discovered that is rather interesting, since it rather suggests that the The developers, before the big announcement it can possibly be. Here you can see, in addition to the rock-star-R-R -, especially the cryptic letters and Numbers – maybe it’s a hint, what’s the deal with the whole thing.

If you look hard, you can also The Slogan for the Rockstar Games describe: Killing the dream. The murder in the hope. Figthing for the righteous. The Bullying of the weak.

Tip for grand theft auto I SAW in the trailer? a/GTA6

It would be this is not the first Timethat’s the Game of the Games, such means are operated, a notice to note. So, Red Dead Redemption 2 was announced, originally, due to the fact that the developer has moved secretly to the Twitter Logo.

For many years, already there are rumors of a Grand Theft Auto 6, and to Present 2 – A second Bully-part, it must have been a Version that is playable.

For all the Fans who claim to notice in these magazines for the pictures, as one author on Kotaku reported, it would seem that this Change is purely for optical reasons.

If the pictures are of one of the two games in context, or if something else is announced, we will probably only learn it in the future. In the meantime, you can of the thing itself, to the bottom of it and try to crack the so called Code on the second image.

You’ve got the ultimate Test.

Rockstar Games have given the story more powerful. What do you think is behind all these images, and the announcement of a new game, or just much ado about nothing? Please let us know in the comments.