Saturn: a Lot of the cheap Schnppchen deals and give-aways


Electronic, dealer of the planet, starting right away with the “gifts for all”-Schnppchen. In the new prospectus, effective technique to show you that it delivers on the Online store are sold in large Lots. The TV is on video game systems, smart phones, anything is possible.

Who is the Flyer launches this week, take a look at the new Saturn’s, which may be different from that of many of our customers, particularly the most popular gift for all of us!”-The discount of the benefit. The idea is simple: You have to decide for one of the reduced and partially on the technology, Schnppchen, and gets another product for free. The free, the three gifts, depending on the Package. The new TV is not a console, and a washing machine it comes with a Free Iron-on, the Handheld will be receiving a package in the Office, and Saturn is giving out coupons at a Rate of up to 400 euros.

Fr the majority of the products in the Online Store, the following shall apply: the delivery is free of charge, the option of withdrawal at the store, apply it as possible, and to all the Saturn offers, only while supplies last. About the end of civilization on the 16th. The sea ends, for the promotion of the Elektronikhndlers.

The 10 best-Schnppchen-Highlights from the new Saturn-Prospekt

The Saturn Brochure, Offers, 2020Please click here to check out the new Offers on the Online Store of the planet

Pc for game: the games, the consoles and the gamer-the reduction of the pc

the new reductions in the price of the drften, among other things, for the players to look forward to. For all of you that already own a PC or a console, which provides you with Saturn this week, there is a “Buy 3, pay 2″promotion for the entire range of games. They are included, however, it is only in the title for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One-your family. You have the right Hardware, you can view all of the low, the PlayStation 4 Slim 1 TB Version, along with an additional Driver and a Top game, FIFA the 20, fr 299 € in greater detail. The Xbox One X are two of the Games in the Package, fr-289-Euro, and the original Shift-Lite, along with an Amiibo figure, fr 199, -€.

In addition to this, the PC offers in the Online Shop Saturn is in hot demand. The MSI is an Infinite S-a Gaming Desktop with the Intel Core i5 processor, 16 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD, Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 Super there together with a 23.6-inch, groen MSI-Curved-Display for 1199 Euro’s. Or, he takes on the Aufrsten you and your bertaktete ASUS GeForce RTX 2070 Super the fr, I-539€, and keeps it with a WD Blue SSD, 500 GB and the game Call of Duty: black ops, Modern Warfare for free. With the right Accessories, the Game provides a Logitech-Fr 129 Euro’s, it’s not the players but the set of keyboard, mouse, and Headset.
The Saturn Brochure, Offers, 2020The all-new Gamer in the action-at Saturn – 3 games you buy, and pay for only 2

Cheap the Fritzbox Router, the Surface of the product, Tablets and smart phones

For the highest weekend total in the WLAN-Router AVM FritzBox 7590, which can be purchased in a set with a 1 TB big disk drive to the external drive from the WD Elements to a low price of just 199€. In addition to this, you will find it in the Online Shop of the planet is currently, the Microsoft Surface is the Go-to Tablet with a 128 GB SSD, including the Type of Coverage, and in the Office, By 2019 the Software at a discounted price of 549 euros. Tablet Alternatives, but with the iPad, Apple’s (2019), velvet Pencil, fr-459 euros, while Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, A 10.1-in, including the appropriate Special-fr-229, -€.

Under the terms of the new Smartphones without a contract, it is Saturn, it reduces the price of the five models with the Android operating system. The Highlight-if you count the Samsung Galaxy tab (A51), fr 333 Euro, including a Powerbank with 10.000 mAh and the Google Pixel, the 3rd, fr 315 to the Euro, has lost one of Google’s Nest Mini Speaker wireless. In addition to these two, the middle-class is reduced by a siege, for the Raising P30, with 128 GB of memory, a 449 Euro in a Package with a built-in Bluetooth speaker are sold. And it is only after you have an external battery pack, look for the hlt, you should look at to be able to live with a 20,000 mAh battery, and a battery of 5000 mAh and the go.
The Saturn Brochure, Offers, 2020Even household appliances such as the Dyson V10 battery-the vacuum cleaner have been reduced in price

A sharp reduction in the price of the 4K TV’s, sound systems, and much, much more

How to watch tv with very high 4K resolution, dynamic range (HDR), and co. you do not see the new Saturn-Prospekt, of course, a very short time. The particularly favourable position, there is a 65 inch large Samsung UE65 RU7099, he brings to 649 euros, which is equal to a Sound bar. Or you can do it in the premier League, and the LG OLED 55E97LA, with 55 inches on the diagonal, an optional Sound signal to a value of 479 for a total of 1699 Euros in further detail. It really is great that you are going to be, however, that the 75-Zller Samsung GQ75 Q85R fr 2699. The QLED TV is not just reduced to € 300 on the price, and the Saturn gives it to you for 400 euros Voucher.

To match the sound system to the Saturn among the Offerings in the Store Online. The Sound bar System to the 700’s of today, including the Bose Bass Module 700, and the two additional Virtual Invisible speakers in the fr is pretty good, 1249, -€. If you can make sure that only the sound of the next Party, I want it over the DISTRIBUTOR PartyBox 300, and the contract-free, JBL Flip Bluetooth speaker for a reduced price of only 379 Euros, that is in question. These are not all of them Schnppchen in the discount of the share. The next Button will take you directly to the Games, and for the great review.

For gifts for all of the action in the case of the Saturn All of the new overview brochure

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