Scandal! Jennifer Lopez opens her legs too much acting and you see that!


Jennifer Lopez doesn’t stop. The American singer has not taken much rest after her performance in the SuperBowl break last February 2.

As it transpired after the show offered at the Hard Rock Stadium in MiamiJLo record sales, as also happened with Shakira, rose by more than 800% in stores and digital platforms. But Jennifer wants more.

Hence, a few days ago she posted a post on her Instagram account in which she revealed that she was working on improving her vocal skills. Or that this weekend was one of the protagonists of the Oprah show.

Jennifer Lopez does not rest

A rhythm of life that is not easy to take the 50 years that have Jennifer. The American has to be very fit to go from here to there, give the size and maintain a spectacular physical appearance.

Something you get from exercising often in the gym, as well as following a healthy and balanced diet. Those are her top secrets. Because although it is true that she pulls Photoshop in the snapshots that she uploads to Instagram to enhance her virtues, it is undeniable that JLo maintains a spectacular state of form.

JLo’s photo spreading her legs

He showed it to spare during the filming of the movie Hustlers that she shot last year around this time and in which she played Ramona, a stripper who acts as a scammer to get ahead. A film in which Lopez left her fans some of the best scenes she has ever shot before the cameras.

A film that left us images like the ones that appear in the following publication, in which JLo opens her legs too much, showing how good she is.