Secretly saw “Jessica Biel” not wearing a wedding ring after her husband “Timberlake” rumored to hold another woman’s hand


Last weekend A good-looking person secretly saw “Jessica Biel” went shopping at the drugstore. In which Paparazzi had to take a picture of her Surprisingly, the left ring finger doesn’t have a wedding ring as it has been seen before, but that may be lost or forgotten at home. And may not mean that their marriage will have problems like many people think But at the same time, “Jessica” does not wear the ring after the husband, singer superstar “Justin Timberlake” has been taken to sit in the mosquito nets, holding hands with the actress’s friend for 3 months. Before, it probably wasn’t that good.

At the time, with the scandal of “Justin” coming out, he apologized for his behavior via social media.