[email protected], a distributed computation is a set up


Now is the time to do with [email protected], the most well-known distributed computing project, and the implementation of the back-can be set to the end of the first quarter. Also, the computer on the basis of the data of the Forum, held at the beginning of a new year, your very own [email protected] Team, which was, at times, out of 150 Teams, the most productive in the world.

The project is no longer needed

As the operators of [email protected] and announced in a statement on the [email protected] Forum, the distributed search for intelligent extra-terrestrial at the end of the first quarter, after more than 20 years of service. The two main reasons for this: first of all, almost all of which had been examined and that it should be considered. On the other hand, the project will connect with a lot of capabilities which can now be used elsewhere to better use.

The project started on the 17th. In may 1999, and was converted in 2004 to the ADDITION of infra-structure. The international part of the project the calculator to the radio telescope have been given recordings from space, and you have to navigate to the three different types of anomalies:

  • The gaussian rises and the transmission of power, which may indicate a source on the radio.
  • The pulses, which may be a narrowband Digital-style Transmission
  • Triple by, for example, three pulses in succession,

The data from the SETI project, it has been recognized by several radio telescopes from all over the world.

On the 31st day of March, in the volunteer computing a part of [email protected], and you want to stop distributing the work, and you want to put it in hibernation mode. We are extremely grateful to all of our volunteers for supporting us in so many ways, over the course of the last 20 years. Without you, there would be no [email protected] We are excited to complete our original project of a science, and we’re looking forward to what comes next.

[email protected]

At the time, very popular as a CPU Test

Shortly after the turn of the Millennium, the use of a computer, on the basis of the test data, [email protected], capacity, multi-Tasking, first of Hyper-Threading CPUs from Intel, by the addition of the run operation of the Software with other applications. Over the years, the program has been an integral part of the base of the computer, the CPU, the course of the trial.

Even today, one of the members of the Community to participate in a research project in distributed computing: [email protected] In this case, all of the participants to provide the computing power for the study of proteins in order to understand the development of certain diseases, especially cancer, were the best.