Smartwatch-with-voice-call function is displayed together with the Find 2 Pro


Manufacturer Oppo is going to introduce its new Smartwatch this week, officially in the event, the number of Smartphones Find the X2 is going to be displayed. There’s a Poster for the company confirmed an important Feature of the watch. We’re going to keep it short.

The Oppo, in fact, is your smart phone well-known. In December of 2019 at the latest, the Chinese manufacturer has announced on its Oppo Inno-Day, however, even in the Smartwatch market. What the Oppo brings, soon, a Smartwatch to the market, it is well-known for quite some time. Recently, the pictures of the watch, appeared and confirmed the rumors that the Design of the watch is similar to the popular Apple-Watching Series 5. The Smartwatch comes with a screen rectangular in shape with rounded corners

Oppo: the poster for the new Smartwatch

On Weibo, Oppo, before the date of the submission of its Smartwatch, and is also an important Feature. You will need to support voice calls.

On Weibo, Oppo, before the date of the submission of its Smartwatch, and is also an important Feature. You will need to support voice calls.

Source: Oppo

Now, the manufacturer is Oppo, the Chinese group-BKK (Live OnePlus) has been posted on Weibo, a sign of the Smartwatch. This shows that the clock is in two color variants; gold, and blue. While the blue version comes with a black silicon strap, a photo of a model in gold, with a cream colored silicone band. As you can see from the previous pictures that the Smartwatch will have a square that curves up on the edges. On the right-hand side, are two flat Buttons on it; a crown, a rotating wheel on the side – it’s not like that.

In addition to this, the poster confirms that the voice call function on the Oppo Smartwatch. There is a possibility that you will be provided with the support, and YES it is so. For more details about the Specifications are not yet available. At the latest, at the official presentation in a few days, we’re also going to learn how to do that. However, it looks like in the pictures, and then, as an on-the-clock with a custom Version of Google’s mobile operating system, Android Wear, the operating system.

The Oppo their first Smartwatch, is on Friday, may 6th. The march is a part of the event for the presentation of the device to Find the 2-series. Once you now have the full specifications of the new Smartphone was accidentally revealed, it’s clear that the Oppo Find 2 to Find X2 to be parts in several Specifications. They both come with a 6.7-inch S-AMOLED Display, Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 B, A 32-Megapixel front-facing camera with Sony’s IMX616 Sensor, a Triple-a camera with a periscope-the Tele in the back seat, built-in stereo speakers, and NFC. Both of these devices are running on ColorOS 7.1 (Android, 10-SO), and in the middle a Flash to Super a Batch of the 2.0 with a 65 Watt load. As you Find the X2 comes with 8 GB of RAM, it is the manufacturer, Pro-the model, from photos, and 12 GB of memory installed.

Source: Gizmo China

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The first Live images of Oppo Smartwatch the Apple Watch-like Design

One photo shows the first frame of the Live of the Oppos forthcoming Smartwatch, which the elegant, the square is similar to the Design of the Apple Watch. Oppo Find 2: Version 6 Or Higher. To marchThe phone

[Update] Oppo Find 2: In the first photo, the Pro Version of the application

To find X2, the second the Oppo 6. March is going to be displayed. The Release will be as a replacement for the one POSTED a Stream of the Event.