So, you can create a rule automatically to your Smartphone


They have also been tested for a long time, but in the context of the March, the feature Updates to all of the pixels-Smartphones from Pixel 2 to the rules. But the rules are in effect? Google is trying to with a local Base, in order to allow for certain things. Advanced computer users to find alternative Apps Drittanbieternvor, which will allow you to pretty much everything on the Basis of any of the conditions, but you may find that some users enough is provided by Google. Where: Is the mean of the pixels to the users for a beginner?

But as for the topic: “the creation of a rule. The rules can be found under settings > System > rules. From there, you can specify that the unit you are proposing for the future, alone, the rules of the match, but you can create it.

Click on the “add rule”, and you will see that the Whole thing is so far rather rudimentary. You may just be in the Database of the site, or a wireless network, some of the conditions that create it. Quasi: When I’m in a place or at a free wi-fi, and then do this: do Not disturb, silent, vibrate, or ring, configuration. What’s The Point? Well, you could, for example, when you log on to office wi-fi connection, your phone will be automatically silent.

By clicking once on the spot, the rule is that you can choose from. It can be either Wi-Fi or local area. For my example, I think that is the point, and free Wi-Fi internet access.

Here, I select my Wi-Fi is free of charge, and all the parts that I would like to put your Smartphone on “Vibrate”. Turned on, and you have saved the rules, they are listed in the Overview of the rules and, in addition, it is in the notification area of the display.

For the location, it behaves the same. It selects a range in which the Smartphone is one of the conditions listed above should be taken. It can also be selected by entering the address by a space. In my example, I have chosen to Park in the city. Not only the direct point, you can specify the Radius. I have selected the area, and to add to that, I take the rule, in my case, the “do Not disturb” (dnd), because I’m likely to play sports as my daily Jogging route through the Park.

As already mentioned: not much of a role, but maybe enough for some people. The alternatives are few. Tasker. Or a macro that allows you to.