Surprisingly thin waist Julia Parshuta in a bikini caused a storm of emotions of the fans


31-year-old Russian singer starred beside the pool. Many fans of Julia Parshuta said, that picture was processed in photoshop.

Former member American idol” and lead singer of pop group Yin-Yang” rested in the suburban health centre. Julia tried to imagine detox, massage and other Wellness treatments.

The actress shared her joy: she had a normal sleep mode due to the discharge power. “I began early to bed and early to rise. How important it is to get important to sleep in the hours of the day (from 23:00…) while you sleep!” explained Parshuta.

Thin waist Julia caused a fierce debate fans

Thin waist Julia caused a fierce debate fans

The singer showed himself at the pool. Julia was posing in a red swimsuit. The picture caused a fierce debate followers of the performer.

Very ugly back cut, so it turns out disproportionately. This is absolutely too noticeable to the naked eye. Don’t understand, why do you need photoshop, you have a beautiful shape,” wrote Elena. “Infernal nonsense,” replied the pop star.

Many followers expressed the view, what, if Parshuta not removed ribs, it means, her figure was podkorrektirovatj in photoshop. “Yes, the arm is wider, than waist”, “Stomach’s inside?”, “She has a perfect figure, but waist too, too thin”, the “hands view, from the elbow to the wrist. It is an unnatural body proportions, it’s obvious,” said the fans.

Julia called

Julia called the perfect girl”

Julia also posted a selfie in the mirror. The singer appeared in a yellow swimsuit. This photo caused only admiring comments. “Here is a figure! In life, never seen such beauty”, “Super-body”, “Perfect girl by nature, nothing in excess”, “it’s Time Belle to find a decent guy and have beautiful children,” — said the user.

Julia Parshuta in the fall of 2018 got married. Her lover was a businessman Alexander. The ceremony was attended by many stars of show business.

Last year, the singer lost weight. It showed a slim figure in a bikini on the beach in Sochi. Interview with Julia can be found here.