The 20 FIFA Pro tournament will be decided by rock-paper-scissors


In the CUP, 20 years old, male, has won the rock-paper-scissors. In the CUP, 20 years old, male, has won the rock-paper-scissors.

The FIFA series is not only popular with Fans of the game of football, but also in the export of a large number of. However, there are not only competitions, but also in the clubs, in order to support their own eSports team. In recent years, two of the men were obliged, however, due to problems with our server, to run the game in a very analogue way to the end.

As for the gaming site Kotaku reported, it was due to a technical problem with the EA Server to an unforeseen incident, while an EA-licensed-qualifying tournament. The two men, He “Hasoo19” Eker, and Shaun “the damage from the Fire,” Galea were for the AND gave of their time online, I could not find it, however, in order to play them off against each other.

It is for this reason that the two of them, in order to resolve the issue of the analog, simple, he decided With a game of rock-paper-scissors. At the end of a win is not Skill, but luck. For Haoo19, it didn’t go well, he won 3 to 1. Burns said, however, that, understandably, pissed off.

Who or what is to blame?

In the case of an event of server problems they are experiencing. But it is at the end of the delay? AND? The supply from the Internet, for the individual countries. Or, the organizers of the tournament?

Probably everyone contributes a bit to it. In accordance with, AND the rules of the tournament, the players have to keep a certain window of time into the game ready to go. When it comes up, but just at this a period of time, the server is down, the game is still in danger.

It must be an issue on the server, which speak of the provision of the Internet in Country to do this, you can take it to the Publisher, does not have a direct influence on the solution. Finally, it can be AND not only the self-products, in order to ensure the stability of the connection (The only one that has improved your connection to the Internet, in and of itself, is Riot Games, which is distributed in the United States itself, the Router and the fiber-optic cable).

However, the issues are so a lot of Fans is a factor, too The organizer an event should. Anyone who hosts a tournament should have all of the bases. An Alternative is to delay or to some technical difficulties, it would be advisable that, in any event, as well as a physical football team.

There is a set of the Most Mönchengladbach and 1 was last updated. FC Köln cancelled due to the storm, We made it a game to be impossible. Here, too, none of the safety precautions that in order to win, the game has been delayed. We may not be able to protect us and defend us against all of your technical issues but you must accept the server’s problems, like a Storm, just as it is a factor for which we have no control.

How would you solve this Problem?