The biggest Explosion in the universe, in a galaxy far, far away


In a galaxy far, far away, astronomers have recorded the largest and most well-known Explosion in the universe. The starting point is a super-massive black hole in galaxy clusters Ophiuchus, at a distance of about 390 million light-years away. The Explosion was about five Times more energy than the previous one, in the year of 2005 saw a record-holder, writes of the Team, Simona Giacintucci from the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington dc, in the journal “The Astrophysical Journal”.

“We have already seen in the previous outbursts at the centers of galaxies, but this is a very, very, very big”, he is the Co-author of the Melanie Johnston-Hollitt from the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR) was referred to in a communication on the basis of their facilities. Why the Explosion was so violent, of course). But it happened in slow motion – like an Explosion in slow-motion, which passed by hundreds of millions of years.”

Studies have shown, the assumption of 2016

Originally, the researchers had already come on stream in 2016, with x-ray telescopes with a large difference in telescopes and the ultra-Gas in the vicinity of the Black hole has been observed. In a collision, you can pack the milky way – the milky way – 15 Times in side-by-side, Giacintucci. Due to this enormous expansion, the astronomers were disposed of at the beginning, with the idea that it could have been caused by an Explosion. Studies with radio telescopes have been committed, however, to this assumption. The cluster of galaxies Ophiuchus contains many thousands of galaxies. The Explosion, probably responsible for the Black hole in a galaxy at the center of Ophiuchus.